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Self Catering Guide

Scottish Highlands Self Catering accommodation Guide

What is Self Catering accommodation?
Self Catering is in simple terms is holiday accommodation where there is little or no food provided for you but you have the relevant equipment to cook and create your own food, what equipment your self catering accommodation will provide will differ from one accommodation to the next and is always a good idea to make sure the self catering accommodation meets your catering requirements.

the minimum you would expect from your Self Catering Accommodation would be a fridge, cooker, sink a selecition of cooking utensils and pots and pans.

additional equipment that may also be provided could be:


What should i take with me to my Scottish Highlands Self Catering Accommodation?
If you plan on eating out for all your meals then there will be very little that you will need to take with you, but you may want to take your own frying pans or knives as you will find that most self catering accommodation will have reasonably good quality equipment but has the potential to be well used and maybe not be so 'non stick' pan as you are used to and if you are a foodie and like to cook with familar equipment then 'pack the pan'.

Drinking Glasses, you may be paticular about the style of wine glass you like to drink from, do not assume that there will be wine or beer glasses at your self catering accommodation. if you are paticular about what type of vessel you drink from then maybe you want to take your own!

Condiments, you will probably find a selection of goodies that have been left by previous visitors (salt, sugar, vinegar pepper etc) but to be sure take your own pack a few sachets even if it is just to get you through the first night before the first shopping trip.

If you have driven a long way and arrive and there is no coffee, tea, milk etc then you might like to think of doing a shopping trip before you arrive at your selfcatering accommodation. we have ourselves ordered a supermarket delivery to arrive the day we have to our self catering accommodation. may sound over the top but it save wasting a few hours finding, driving to and shopping at the nearest supermarket and wasting valuable hoilday time.

Self Catering accommodation offers flexibilty for your holiday eating requirements but a little bit of planning before you leave for your Scottish Highlands Self Catering Holiday will make the holiday that little bit more enjoyable.

We hope this was of use to your Scottish Highlands Trip, please let us know if you have any information you would like to share with other Scottish Highland holidayers.!!!


The Scottish Higlands Website Team