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Highland Pub Accommodation

The Scottish Highlands offer so many choices for traveler accommodation; the only difficult part is deciding what type to choose.  One of the more affordable alternatives to hotels and bed and breakfasts is pub accommodation.  Pubs, or public houses, are alehouses which sell food and drink, and many times offer accommodation.  The pub has existed for hundreds of years, and is, on some level, the heart of many communities.  Aside from being a place to have a glass of ale, pubs are also meeting places, gathering spots, celebration venues, and cozy abodes in which to relax.  Some of the oldest pub accommodation were inns run by monks who offered food, shelter, and drink for travelling pilgrims.  Today, inn and pub are synonymous when speaking of accommodation, along with taverns and former coaching inns.  These comfortable settings offer a feeling of home away from home, but with excellent food and great ales, as well.  In a convivial atmosphere, it is quite common for strangers to strike up a conversation over a pint, and many enterprises were born in a pub:  Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales began in a pub, the Punch and Judy publication developed in a pub, trade unions were formed in pubs, political groups and societies met in pubs, and all sorts of acquaintances and friendships developed within pub culture.  Stay in a pub accommodation, and you never know just whom you might meet!

So what can you expect from pub accommodation?  Whether you choose a pub with rooms, or a luxurious country inn, you can count on cleanliness and friendly service.  Pubs are cosy places with all sorts of restaurant choices, room options, and extras like entertainment, breakfast, or off-road parking.  Pubs can be found in both rural and urban locations, and are a universal feature of life both in the Scottish Highlands and all over the UK.  Different pubs will specialize in different ales and brews, so if this is important to you, you may wish to check what’s on tap at your potential pub.  Pub accommodation may be part of the original pub, or it may be a purpose-built annex onto an existing pub.  You can take your pick from centuries old inns with modernized and updated rooms, or a sleek, contemporary room at a newer pub.  You may have the fun of staying in the stable block of an old coaching inn.  All of these rooms will be clean and warm, offering a unique way to experience the Scottish Highlands.  As well, you will very likely find your room looking out upon the village square, the surrounding hills, a beautiful loch or river, or even the sea.  Scottish Highland pub accommodation is an excellent choice as a home base for further touring throughout the Highlands, and you always know that a hot meal and a good glass of ale are waiting for you when you return. 

Pub accommodation offers excellent value for money, and is a wonderful alternative to hotels or self-catering accommodation.  Book your Scottish Highlands pub accommodation now and enjoy a true slice of life here in the north—great food, clean rooms, excellent ales, and maybe a new friend!
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