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fly_fishing_1.jpgFishing is one of the biggest sporting activities in the Scottish Highlands, and why not, considering there are over 30,000 lochs, a multitude of rivers and burns, and miles and miles of coastline in the Highlands of Scotland.  There are myriad ways a visitor can enjoy fishing in the Highlands, and you will find great fishing for all ages and abilities.  From fly fishing to sea angling, it is all here in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Fly fishing is extremely popular, and you can purchase a permit locally in most cases.  Fly fishing is a fun and challenging sport in which the fisherman uses an angling method to catch fish with artificial lures (flies).  Special fishing line and an especially long rod is used in fly fishing, and there is great skill and technique involved.  Flies are almost weightless and are cast in such as manner as to look like the real thing.  Techniques differ according to the habitat—lochs, rivers, or streams—but wherever you go fly fishing, you will find it enjoyable and relaxing, the perfect activity for your Highland holiday.  Fly fishing is a renowned method for catching trout and salmon, of which there is an abundance here in the Scottish Highlands.  In order to deceive a trout, or to reach deeper waters where salmon may be running, often the fisherman has to wade in to the right casting position.  Hip boots or waders are essential in the cold waters of Scotland if this is the type of fly fishing you intend to do.  There are many centres which offer guided or coached fly fishing trips, so even if you have never tied or cast a fly before in your life, this is your opportunity.  Tackle and gear will also be provided in the cost of your fishing trip.

Coarse fishing is a UK term which is used to delineate fishing for fish other than game fish (trout, salmon, or char).  Different types of tackle can be used, but generally it is a rod and reel.  In some areas, the use of poles is now widespread, as well, and they have no reel on them.  The main techniques for coarse fishing are float, legering, and spinning.  Float fishing allows the bait to be suspended beneath a small float in the water.  Leger fishing allows the bait to sit on the bottom.  Spinning drags the bait through the water, as if trawling.  The types of fish you can angle for in coarse fishing include bream, carp, perch, pike, tench, and catfish.  Fly fishing techniques can also be used for some coarse fish, including grayling and chub. 

Fishing locales for sport or coarse fishing can include everything from lochs and lochans to streams and rivers.  Rules and regulations apply, and permits are required.  You can choose from on-shore, in-boat, or wading when you pick your fishing outing.  Courses and longer holidays are available for all types of fishing.  Highland estates tend to offer spectacular and remote fishing but may come with a heftier price.  In exchange, however, you will probably have the chance to stay in an estate lodge and take advantage of an experienced ghillie to help you make the most of your fishing holiday.

Sea angling is also a popular form of fishing in the Scottish Highlands.  Sea angling is essentially any type of angling that takes place from a boat.  There are small recreational boats well suited for inshore fishing, and then there are larger boats used for deep-sea fishing, which is considered to be in water 30 metres deep or more and at some distance from land.  All along the rugged coastline of the Scottish Highlands there are many different opportunities to charter a boat and go sea angling.  Experienced skippers will take you out to the best spots and help you with all aspects of your fishing outing.  Tope and pollock, mackerel and herring are just some of the types of fish you can catch when you go sea angling.  Haddock and cod are popular, as well, and found a bit further off-shore.  As with all fishing in Scotland, there are regulations, and some fish are strictly catch-and-release, either according to species or to size.  Some fishing charters will provide your gear and tackle, and others will suggest what you should bring.  Be sure to find out all the specifics from an individual charter or centre before you go.

Whatever type of fishing you prefer, it is to be found throughout the magnificent Scottish Highlands.  Book a day out at sea, an afternoon on a river, or a whole holiday of nothing but fishing.  You can enjoy a wide variety of species, styles and techniques of fishing, and spectacular locales.  Fishing in the Scottish Highlands is the ultimate in sport and relaxation.  A Highland fishing outing is a great opportunity for groups and families, or for the visitor looking for a little down time and a chance to get away from it all.  Fishing is just that versatile.  It is perfect for the loner and just as perfect for groups.  Book your fishing holiday today and get out into the beautiful, untamed, and unspoilt wilds of the Scottish Highlands.

The Scottish Highlands of Scotland offer great fishing for all abilities. The large number of inland lochs (lakes) some of them going out to sea offer a range of fishing. Fly fishing is popular and permits are available locally.

Whether catching wild brown trout, salmon or other fish the Scottish Highlands offer some superb opportunities for fisherman. Sea fishing is popular in the Scottish Highlands, you will be able to catch everything from flatfish, cod and pollack through to more exotic deep sea species such as conger eels and some species of sharks.

If fishing from the shore does not interest you why not charger a boat and visit wrecks and reefs to bring home a major catch? Fishing in the Scottish Highlands can be rewarding, there are miles and miles of isolated lochs hidden amongst the mountains, and the Salmon rivers in the country are recognised all over the world for their exceptional quality.

If course fishing is what interests you then you will feel right at home in the Scottish Highlands, there are a number of course fisheries full of perch, roach, pike, tench, carp and a variety of other species.

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