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Windsurfing has long been an action sport that has captured the attention and interest of many who visit the Scottish Highlands. With the incredible possible speeds of over 45 knots as you use the wind to glide over the turbulent water, who could not want to experience this fantastic sport? Scotland and the Scottish Highlands is in fact an absolute perfect place to Windsurf. With long sweeping beaches along the coast and its exposure to the North Sea and the Atlantic it makes the ideal windsurfing haven.

Whether you are an expert or someone who hasn’t ever tackled windsurfing in the Scottish Highlands before, one of the water sports centres below will be able to cater for your needs and may well be able to provide you with an introduction to windsurfing in the Scottish Highlands for that extra bit of help. In particular the coast of Tiree and the Outer Hebrides will prove irresistible to you if you’ve tried windsurfing in the Scottish Hightlands before. All sites have unique attractions and various weather conditions.

"Tiree" is Gaelic for "Land below the waves". Windsurfing around Tiree in the Scottish Highlands means that you’ll have some pretty high waves to contend with and because the land is very flat with little or no obstructions you can expect some good strong winds although conditions can vary.
Windsurfing in this area of the Scottish Highlands is best from autumn to spring; its pretty cold in winter but the temperature in autumn is acceptable because of the Gulf Stream. The west coast of the Isle of Tiree in the Scottish Highlands is famous for its large waves however there are always more sheltered bays with smaller waves which break even cleaner. For all your windsurfing needs in the Scottish Highlands including if you need instruction, see below for a comprehensive list of windsurfing providers and water sports centres.
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Elie Watersports 131
Elie Watersports is a well equipped centre offering a wide range of activities including: Sailing Windsurfing Kayaking/canoeing ...
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