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Bungee Jumping

The Scottish Highlands seem to lend themselves as easily to extreme sports as they do to relaxation and serenity.  Perhaps it is because of the diversity of the region.  Whatever the reason, if you enjoy extreme sports, the Scottish Highlands is the place to be.  Bungee jumping is one of those sports which is growing in popularity here in the Highlands.  Whatever motivates you, you can find opportunities to fling yourself off a crane, a bridge, or a helicopter—firmly attached to a bungee cord, of course—here in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands.

Since bungee jumping is a relatively new activity in the Scottish Highlands, it tends to be offered as part of an event or Highland Games.  There are frequently bungee jumping experiences set up for short periods of time in various locations around the Highlands.  One way to find out about these is to keep an eye on the local media.  Many times, these bungee jumps are set up for charity.  Bungee jumping opportunities like this usually take place from cranes or even helicopters.  Of course, safety is paramount and bungee jump operators have to comply with strict standards to ensure their activities are safe and legal.  Once you have found a bungee jumping venue, prepare yourself for the extreme end of the extreme!  You will hurtle towards the ground at an amazing speed, going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under two seconds.  For the ultimate in an adrenaline rush, give bungee jumping a try.

Into the Blue offers bungee jumping in the Scottish Highlands on selected dates throughout the year.  You will jump from a height of 160 feet and can choose to jump forwards, backwards, tandem, or even in a straight jacket.  Once you have made your first rebound, you will discover the bungee has reached its limit and kept you from the ground.  Then you can enjoy yourself and thrill to the knowledge that you did it!

Bungee jumping is essentially this:  an elastic rubber cord is tied to your ankles before you leap from a great height and hurtle towards earth at breath-taking speed.  It is almost like a death-defying act, because at what seems like the last minute, the cord will reach its limit and you will rebound back towards the sky.  Bungee jumping has become a worldwide phenomenon over the past 25 years. 

This year approval was given for the UK’s first purpose-built bungee jumping platform, and it will be here in the Scottish Highlands.  Based in Killiecrankie, this bungee jump will not be from a crane but off the Garry Bridge, where jumpers can plunge straight down a 120-foot canyon towards rocks and water.  This site has already won awards for its design, and fans of bungee jumping eagerly await its opening.  The extreme sports operator Highland Fling will be running the jump, and you can keep up with its progress on the Nae Limits website:  This bungee jumping site—the only one of its kind in all the UK—is set to open in April or May of 2011. 

Bungee jumping is coming to the Scottish Highlands.  Currently, you can jump at venues as they are set up temporarily around the region on selected dates throughout the year.  Soon, you will be able to jump at the country’s first permanent bungee jumping venue.  If you are a thrill-seeker and love that adrenalin rush, then a bungee jump in the Scottish Highlands is the perfect extreme sport for you.

The extreme sport of bungee jumping has become popular for many in the Scottish Highlands whether bungee jumping from a crane, a bridge or a helicopter. The thrill of hurtling yourself towards the ground or a scenic river in the Scottish Highlands is an exciting experience.

Safety is of paramount importance so check your providers insurance and safety procedures. Once you have jumped in the Scottish Highlands you will have a euphoric sense of achievement with the knowledge that you have overcome your fears and jumped with nothing more than an elastic band to save you!

Bungee jumping in the Scottish Highlands can be a once in a lifetime experience, something you will look back on with amazement in future years and you will not regret the decision to jump!