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Scottish Highland Guesthouses

A guesthouse is similar to but different from a bed and breakfast in the Scottish Highlands.  While a bed and breakfast is a small establishment generally offering en suite rooms and a breakfast prepared to order, a guesthouse tends to be a somewhat larger establishment, offering the same as a bed and breakfast PLUS many guesthouses will offer dinner and are licensed to serve wine and spirits.  A guesthouse is a good option for something between a bed and breakfast and a hotel.  Standards of service can be very high in a guesthouse, and they can receive ratings of up to 5 stars.  The Scottish Highlands are naturally diverse, and that translates over into myriad other aspects, including accommodation.  If you would like a well-serviced but small accommodation, why not consider a guesthouse for your next visit to the Highlands of Scotland?

Guesthouses are becoming more popular than hotels in some Highland regions, and that is likely because they are smaller establishments with local, knowledgeable hosts.  Genuine hospitality will be found in a Highland guesthouse, and your hosts will make every effort to ensure you have a delightful stay.  Guesthouses generally are priced in the same manner as bed and breakfasts:  per person per night; although some now price accommodation per room per night.  Some will include dinner in the cost; others will offer dinner and / or packed lunches as an extra.  There are many guesthouses in the Scottish Highlands that can cater for small events, weddings, and gatherings, as well. 

Guesthouses are generally located in slightly more populated areas such as villages and towns, and do not tend to be established in the more remote and rural areas of the Scottish Highlands.  Because of this, a guesthouse is an ideal choice if you are looking for accommodation near to theatre, shopping, museums, restaurants, or other local Highland sights.  Service in a guesthouse will be exemplary, especially in those bearing a rating of 4 or 5 stars.  Think of a guesthouse as a mini-hotel, and you will see how it differs from a bed and breakfast.