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Scottish Highlands Motorhome Hire

Take your accommodation with you wherever you go!  Hire a motorhome in the Scottish Highlands and enjoy the freedom of traveling wherever and whenever you like.  Touring about the Highlands of Scotland in a motorhome has become one of the most popular ways of travel today.  Fortunately, you don’t have to own your own motorhome with all its attendant costs—you can simply hire one when the mood strikes.  There are several companies, large and small, which hire motorhomes all throughout Scotland.  Many are even located near larger airports, and will provide transportation from and to the airport.  Take the fuss out of travel and hire a motorhome, and you will have no more worries about where to stay for the night, or whether the local accommodation is already fully booked.

Most motorhomes for hire will comfortably sleep six.  They are modern and clean with spacious layouts and all the latest safety devices.  Many come with gas or electric heating systems, double-glazed windows, and fly screens.  Toilet/shower facilities and kitchen facilities are on board.  As well, most companies hiring out motorhomes will also provide your towels, linens, pillows, children’s seats, crockery and cookware, and sat-nav systems.  All you need bring is your food and clothing!  Whatever you require, you are sure to find the right motorhome to hire, from basic models to the ultimate in motorhome luxury.

The Scottish Highlands are rated seventh in the world for unspoilt destinations by National Geographic.  What better way to see this amazing locale than in your hired motorhome?  There are unlimited destinations in the Highlands of Scotland which will easily accommodate a motorhome.  Visit castles and historic sites; drive the Speyside Whisky Trail, traverse the Great Glen, meander along the majestic lochs, and view the Cairngorms from your front windscreen.  At the end of a leisurely day of touring, stop at one of the hundreds of campsites throughout the Scottish Highlands which cater for motorhomes.  In a motorhome, you can relax in the countryside without worrying about travel accommodation.  At a campsite, just plug in to the facilities and you’re all set.  Motorhomes provide the perfect combination of self-catered travel and indoor sleeping luxury—a blend of hotel, bed and breakfast, and camping, all rolled into one.  As well, you will have plenty of room when you travel by motorhome, so there’s no need to limit your souvenir shopping!  Go ahead and bring home some world famous malt whiskies, a tartan rug or two, and a wardrobe of Scottish Highland woolens.  Nor is there any need to limit what you take along on your trip.  Packing light is no longer necessary when you tour around the Highlands in your motorhome.

Before you hire your motorhome, be sure to check policies and rules for driving.  UK drivers between the ages of 25 and 70 who have held a full license for 3 years or more are eligible to hire a motorhome.  European, international, and North American licenses are welcome as well.  When you hire your motorhome, spend some time adjusting to the height, width, and length of the vehicle before you take off for the wilds of the Scottish Highlands.  The Highlands are full of B roads, single tracks, and narrow lanes, as well as tight corners, small humpbacked bridges, low bridges, and stonewalled shoulders.  Remember your motorhome is bigger than a car! 

Once you are familiar with the ins and outs of driving a motorhome, you are on your way to the holiday of a lifetime.  Enjoy the relaxed pace and laid-back style of touring the Scottish Highlands in a motorhome.  Appreciate the splendid views and stunning panoramas greeting you at every turn.  Savor the time spent meandering throughout the breath-taking Scottish Highlands instead of merely travelling from point A to point B.  And at the end of the day, park up in a campsite and relax in the comfort and style of your modern, clean motorhome.  Book a motorhome today and see the heart of the Scottish Highlands in style and comfort.