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Castle Accommodation

Could there possibly be anything more romantic than staying in a Scottish Highland castle?  The good news is there are myriad castle accommodations throughout the beautiful and majestic Highlands, all offering a unique and memorable stay for their visitors.  Castle accommodation is steeped in history and Highland culture, and each castle will have its own remarkable story.  Imagine spending the night where historic figures like Bonnie Prince Charlie have stayed in the past.  Scottish Highland castle accommodation is filled with possibilities to entice the imagination and ignite your sense of adventure and romance.  You can book an entire castle for exclusive use, stay in only a portion and have hotel service, or book a wing for a self-catering holiday.  If you’re looking for that quintessential four-poster room, a Scottish Highland castle accommodation is for you.  Castle holidays are the perfect choice for destination weddings and other celebratory events, as well.

When choosing your Scottish Highland castle accommodation, you may wish to consider what type of holiday you desire.  Castle accommodation can offer one, a combination, or all of these amenities:  private dining, four-poster rooms, hotel-style rooms, self-catering, exclusive use, wedding venues, conference venues, child-friendly stays, pet-friendly stays, and special seasonal packages.  Scottish Highlands castles are some of the most select retreats in the world, offering you history and elegance along with Highland hospitality.  Much of the accommodation will be very luxurious, and the surrounding grounds and gardens will be a delight to the senses.  Castles are often set in the midst of the most breath-taking scenery, and you can be sure glorious views will await you.  As with most Scottish Highland accommodation, castles are located in a variety of stunning settings, some being at the heart of a town or village, and others being remote and isolated.  There is sure to be the perfect castle accommodation for you.

In keeping with the culture of the Scottish Highlands, you will find castle accommodation to be very diverse.  Some castles will boast a grand and glorious history and offer up to 25 bedrooms or more.  Other castles will be quite small tower houses, containing only 5 or 6 bedrooms, but still with an amazing past.  Owners will be delighted to offer up their knowledge of the place, and you, as guest, will become a part of the castle’s unique history.  Castle accommodations are often excellent venues for sporting holidays, as many of them offer traditional country sports like fishing, clay pigeon shooting, and stalking.  Other castles have turned themselves into special venues for niche holidays—those offering cookery classes, painting, or other types of arts, crafts, and music.  At the same time, many private family mementoes are in residence in the castles, so you will feel a part of a centuries old family when you visit. 

While not all castle accommodations are strictly castles in the technical sense—that is, possessing a keep, a tower, or a bailey—they will be, at the very least, grand and stately manor homes, mansions, and great houses which have stood on the spot for hundreds of years.  The wide array of accommodation is truly stunning, and you will enjoy taking the time to choose just the right castle accommodation for you.  Some castles will even boast a ghost or two!  Whichever venue you choose, you can count on excellent service, beautiful décor, historic surroundings, and a truly unique experience.  Book your castle accommodation today and look forward to a special Scottish Highlands holiday!

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