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Gorge Scrambling

If you want to experience the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands and unlock a route that is potentially impassable, then why not try gorge scrambling?  Scrambling is similar to gorge walking and canyoning, except that you generally start at the bottom of a gorge and scramble your way out.  This is a highly active sport which requires you to sometimes use hands and feet together to scramble your way up and out of challenging situations.  Unlike canyoning, where you may find yourself plummeting down a waterfall, gorge scrambling will have you climbing your way up the waterfall!  Gorge scrambling is exhilarating and rewarding, and it allows you to traverse places you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to.

Outdoor and adventure centres in the Scottish Highlands will offer this type of hiking / walking, especially as the Highlands are such a diverse region with many gorges, waterfalls, mountains, and hills.  Mountain Freedom Guiding Service will teach you how and take you on a day or more of gorge scrambling.  Usually this activity is combined with all types of hillwalking, hiking, and climbing.  As this guide service explains, scrambling is different from mountain climbing as you rely more upon your skill and coordination than upon ropes and technical equipment.  Scrambling is open to first-timers and those less experienced as the guides will train you in the necessary techniques.  You won’t need any equipment other than comfortable hiking boots and walking gear.  Most outdoors centres will provide your helmet, and guides will take along any necessary safety equipment. 

Lochaber and Glencoe offer a wealth of opportunities to experience the Highland wilderness in this unique and challenging way, as does the far Northwest of Scotland.  This is an area of the Scottish Highlands that few people actually see because it is so remote.  It is very diverse and offers great scrambling all the way from Ullapool to Cape Wrath. 

If you just want a taste of gorge scrambling and rock climbing, Snowgoose Mountain Centre near Fort William has an excellent range of courses, daytrips and mountain adventures.  They will provide you with expert training and help you determine which adventure best suits your skills.  Craggan Outdoors in Grantown-on-Spey, and Full-On Adventure in Aviemore are superb outdoor centres for those wishing to try gorge scrambling.  Full-On Adventure also offers a multi-day course in scrambling.  G2, also in Aviemore, have several courses and gorge scrambling trips you can explore.

For an amazing sense of freedom, accomplishment, and challenge go gorge scrambling.  You will truly experience the Highland wilderness up close and in person when you are scrambling through waterfalls and over rocks.  The diversity of this beautiful region of Scotland allows for a wide variety of scrambling opportunities, and wherever you go you are guaranteed to enjoy incredible scenery and fresh, clean air.  Gorge scrambling takes some serious coordination, so be sure you book with an outdoor centre and go with an experienced guide.  You can enjoy the challenge, knowing there is a professional along with you.  With expert guidance and coaching, who knows what you can accomplish when you go gorge scrambling.  So lace on those hiking boots and head out into the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands today!