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Scottish Highlands Bunk Barns

Bunk barns, bunk houses, camping barns—whatever you choose to call them, spending the night in a bunk barn in the Scottish Highlands is a not-to-be missed experience.  The Highlands of Scotland are absolutely abounding with bunk barn accommodation.  Bunk barns are a fantastic way to immerse yourself into the heart of Highland life without spending a fortune.  Not only that, but bunk barn accommodation comes in a variety of styles and locales, all of which is highly affordable, and much of which you can book online.  Wherever you travel in the Scottish Highlands, you can find a bunk barn, bunk house, or camping barn to suit your needs.  Individuals, families, and groups are welcome at bunk barns, and you will find them to be a pleasant, simple alternative to other types of accommodation, perfect for anyone travelling on a budget, or just desiring a simple accommodation alternative.

What can you expect when you stay in a bunk barn?  There are a variety of options, but some things are fairly standard.  Like hostels, bunk barns usually supply bed linen, but not towels or food.  Some bunk barns are like one large room with an arrangement of bunk beds.  Others will have an assortment of rooms—large group rooms sleeping 10 or more, smaller rooms accommodating families, and occasionally even a room with just one set of bunk beds, perfect for individuals or couples.  Many bunk barns now offer a few en suite rooms, as well.  Prices tend to range between £5 and £20 per person per night, depending upon whether you are travelling in a group, booking online, or staying longer.  Many bunk barns come fully equipped with a modern kitchen, and some provide laundry facilities, storage sheds for bicycles and backpacks, and even barbeques or fireplaces.  Generally, a deposit is required to ensure the bunk barn is left in good, clean condition. 

Scottish Highlands bunk barns are found in a wide variety of locations, as well.  Perhaps you would like to stay on a working farm and observe what it is like to raise sheep or Highland cattle.  Or, maybe you are looking for a seaside holiday, and wish to hear the roar of the surf outside your door.  Some bunk barns are actually old croft houses or bothies, giving you a true flavour of the Scottish Highlands.  Staying in a stone-built croft building, possibly with a thatched roof, will take you back in time to a way of life that is all but gone.  Lochside, riverside, on the grounds of a castle, deep in the heather hills—whatever destination you choose, you are sure to find a bunk barn to meet your needs.

Bunk barns in the Highlands of Scotland are the perfect base for exploring and the ideal stop-off for cyclists, backpackers, hikers, and walkers.  Quite a few bunk barns are located long hiking trails, and can also be found the on the Lands’ End to John O’Groats route for walkers and cyclists.  No frills accommodation perhaps, but clean, warm, and friendly, and with guaranteed stunning locations, bunk houses provide a budget-friendly accommodation, leaving you free to spend your money on the many activities that are sure to be at or near your accommodation.  Bunk barns tend to cater for the more active traveler, and many hosts will help you with your bookings for things like paintballing, laser tag, mountaineering, skiing, water sports, or pony trekking.  Want to try the country sports of fishing, shooting, and stalking, but without the country house prices?  Bunk barns are often situated near these types of activities, as well as adjacent to or part of activity centres.  Some bunk barns offer things for hire like mountain or hybrid bikes, sporting equipment, and even skis. 

Enjoy the beautiful Scottish Highlands—ancient forests, historic sites, diverse wildlife and flora, rugged coastlines, gorgeous lochs—without spending a fortune on your accommodation.  Bunk barns are ideal for stretching your holiday money, allowing you to see much of the area and participate in many activities while still providing clean and warm accommodation.  Enjoy a longer vacation without worrying about the money, and stay in one or several of the delightful bunk barns, bunk houses, and camping barns located all throughout the rugged and romantic Scottish Highlands

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