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Scottish Highlands Yurts

See the charming and picturesque Scottish Highlands while staying in a yurt!  A yurt is the perfect way to enjoy camping without giving up comfort.  Get back to nature and truly experience the breathtaking Scottish Highlands in an unforgettable way.  Immerse yourself in the Highland environment and enjoy a holiday that is environmentally sound, as well as peaceful and relaxing.

A yurt is a traditional round Mongolian tent-like structure.  It is generally made of felt and wood-lattice framing.  These circular, semi-permanent tents are becoming more and more popular for relaxing holidays all throughout the world.  They are highly efficient, eco friendly, and low cost to build and maintain.  They are strong and weather tight, and make for a lovely alternative holiday accommodation.  What’s more, they are very sturdy in the wind and rough weather, which is a definite plus here in the Highlands.  If you enjoy camping but would like something a bit more secure, a yurt is the way to go.  Yurts originally evolved on the Central Asian Steppes.  The climate, with sub-zero temperatures, strong winds, and raging storms required that people be able to build reliable, weatherproof, warm shelter in order to survive.  Today, Yurt technology is pretty much the same, although slightly different materials may be used, such as waterproof canvas rather than animal hides.  Nevertheless, a yurt is an ideal dwelling for the Scottish Highlands, and you can book yurt accommodation for your next holiday.

Great Glen Yurts is probably one of the best known yurt accommodations.  They are located just northeast of Fort William, and offer delightful yurt holidays.  Their yurts are furnished with comfortable beds and futons, duvets, sheepskin rugs, candles and lanterns.  There is no power, which makes for a peaceful experience, but they do have wind-up lanterns and candles.  Within the camp is a campfire and a communal geodesic dome.  Hot showers are a short walk away.  You will enjoy a spectacular combination of wilderness camping and comfortable luxury, all at once.  Highland Yurts is another option for a yurt accommodation.  They are located in the remote Highlands near Aboyne and Ballater.  They are primarily yurt builders, but they have a lovely vacation yurt on their premises, set in a secluded four acre field.   Loch Tay Highland Lodges offer yurt accommodation.  The set-up is like a hostel, and you bring your own towel and bedding.  Their comfortable yurts have a central wood-burning stove, bed mats, rugs, and cushions.  Strathfillan Wigwam Village has yurt accommodation which also includes electric light, an insulated wooden floor, and sleeping platforms.  Their yurts sleep five comfortably.  Inshriach House near Aviemore is another yurt accommodation.  They are open year round and are well situated for touring the Cairngorms.

The Highlands of Scotland are an ideal place to enjoy a holiday in a yurt accommodation.  Experience a “green” holiday, and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you are travelling light and doing your part to maintain the natural balance of the Highland environment.  Book a yurt holiday today and get out in the beautiful and remote Scottish Highland wilderness.

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Great Glen Yurts
Great Glen Yurts is an eco yurt camp in a woodland setting by a river at the foot of Nevis Range. Come and stay in one of our authentic Mongolian yurts set on our...
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