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Privacy Policy

At we work diligently to protect the privacy of our visitors.

We recognise that your privacy is of paramount importance so have created this privacy policy to better explain exactly how personal information is used and managed on our site each time you visit and how we take steps to keep that information safe.

You can be assured that any information collected is purely for your benefit and is never sold or passed on to third parties.

Like many websites various information is logged when you first visit our site. This information includes your internet service provider, what web browser you are using, what time you chose to visit our site, what pages you have visit, how you found our site, what pages you visited on our site and what your IP address is.

We also utilise cookies to store information so that when you visit our site your preferences and various other choices that you have made are saved. For instance on many websites a cookie is used to allow you to only have to log in to a site once, when you visit in the future you can choose to be logged in automatically.

We also utilise advertisements from third parties in an effort to support our site. Occasionally these advertisers may use their own cookies or web beacons which will pass some information on to the advertiser. This information often includes your IP address, your internet service provider, your web browser, and whether or not you have Flash installed on your computer. The reason that these advertisers collect this information is so that they can target you with specific adverts tailored to your tastes or location, for instance if you are interested in musical instruments you will see more ads about musical instruments, likewise if you live in London you may see more ads about events occurring near to your home.

If required you can disable both our cookies and third party cookies served by our website by changing your web browser settings or by utilising various third party internet security software. You should be aware that doing so may affect how well you are able to utilise both our site and various other websites that you may visit. If you delete your cookies this does not mean that you have chosen to disable or opt out of any advertising schemes as a new cookie will be created the next time you visit a relevant website.

We also use DART cookies via Google's DoubleClick scheme. DART cookies are placed on your computer as you browse the internet and visit sites that are also part of the DoubleClick scheme. Then when you visit a site that utilises Google Adsense adverts the ads that you see are tailored specifically to you and your interests. This is known as interest based targeting and means that the chances of you seeing an advert irrelevant to you is reduced. DART cookies only utilise information that is referred to as “non personally identifiable.” This means DART cookies will not track things such as your name, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number, bank information, credit card information and other vital information. You can opt-out of this ad serving from Google by visiting if you so desire.