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Pitlochry is often seen by many as the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, it is a very popular tourist destination and many thousands of people have visited the area since it become popular in the Victorian era. Pitlochry is known widely as a centre for hillwalking, and it is central for a variety of famous peaks and hiking destinations. A large number of coach tours visit the area around Pitlochry every year to enjoy the beautiful scenery and stunning surroundings. The town of Pitlochry itself is packed full of charming Victorian buildings and there are a number of original Victorian touches such as the large cast iron sun and rain shade that sits to one side of the main thoroughfare.

Pitlochry is also a centre for renewable energy, the fish ladder (a popular tourist attraction) was originally constructed to facilitate a large hydro electric power scheme that is still running and providing power to the National Grid. Pitlochry scores very highly each year in the popular Britain in Bloom competition, a testament to how picturesque the town and its surrounding areas are. Besides hillwalking many of the visitors to Pitlochry enjoy the varied angling that the region has to offer, and there are many boating activities that visitors can partake in as well. Pitlochry is also unique in that it lies almost precisely at the geographical centre of Scotland making it an excellent place in which to stay for the duration of a holiday allowing you to visit a tremendous variety of places, all a short journey away from your holiday let.

Pitlochry also boasts two popular whiskey distilleries (no visit to Scotland is complete without a tour around one of it's many distilleries), a large theatre that enjoys both local and and international performers, and the ever popular Enchanted Forest (a spectacular sound a light show attended by 20,000 people each year). If you are new to Scotland and have never holidayed in this most spectacular of countries before then Pitlochry is the perfect destination from which to strike out and explore the surrounding countryside.