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Leisure Centres In The Highlands

Keep fit and have fun while you’re up on your next Scottish Highlands holiday.  Leisure centres can be found all throughout the Highlands of Scotland, and they are a great way to participate in sports and other activities designed to keep you fit and active.  Most leisure centres are owned and operated by the community, although there are several privately-owned ones as well.  They are all generally open to visitors and locals alike, and provide everything you need for keeping fit and relaxed on your Scottish Highland holiday.

Everyone knows that swimming is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise.  Don’t let the frigid waters of the Scottish Highlands keep you from your swimming regimen!  Leisure centres almost always come equipped with a large swimming pool.  Hours of operation vary, and you will find that there are times for water aerobics, lap swimming, children’s fun swimming, swim parties, over 50s groups, and swimming lessons.  Whatever you are looking for in a swimming activity, you will be able to find it at a local leisure centre.  Early bird sessions are also usually offered for serious swimmers, and public sessions will be for all ages.  Each swimming session will be charged per session according to age group.  You may be able to buy weekly passes, as well.

Leisure centres are perfect for those wanting to use traditional gym equipment.  Keep your healthy lifestyle while you are on holiday in the Scottish Highlands and start your day at the leisure centre gym.  Most gyms provide things like treadmills and stationary bicycles, cross trainers and rowing machines, and various free weights and weight machines.  You will probably have to complete a fitness questionnaire before starting your gym routine, but other than that, you will be most welcome to take exercise at the local leisure centre gym.  Chances are, the leisure centre gym also offers exercise classes, so why not sign up for a session or two while you’re up visiting.  Just remember, nothing stays open very late here in the Scottish Highlands, and leisure centres are no exception.  Be sure to get your workout in before closing time, which is usually between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. 

Swimming pools and gymnasiums may be the foundation of most leisure centres, but they are certainly not the only forms of activities available.  Often, leisure centres provide things like tennis and squash courts, some of which may even be indoors.  You can sometimes find archery, indoor or outdoor bowls, and badminton, as well.  Or why not take a dance class and go home from your Scottish Highlands holiday with a few new dance moves under your belt!  There will almost certainly be children’s activities, day-care and crèche facilities, and clubs for the little ones.  In addition, some leisure centres will have play parks for the kids. 

The local leisure centre is a great way to experience the heart of the community.  You may find that they are offering arts and crafts classes, social nights, or even ceilidhs.  Leisure centres tend to have running groups and sponsor races in the local area, so if you are a runner, stop by and see what events are coming up in that field.  You may also find things like climbing walls and ropes courses at your local leisure centre.  Saunas, football pitches, and meeting rooms are standard amenities in a leisure centre. 

The great thing about leisure centres is that while they are foundationally the same, they will vary widely from area to area when it comes to the special activities on offer.  Don’t assume that all you will find is a swimming pool and a gymnasium.  Leisure centres have really grown to become the heartbeat of the community.  Consider a leisure centre if you are looking for a treat for the kids, as well.  They can enjoy a time of letting off steam—romping in the soft play areas, swimming, enjoying the play park, or participating in a kids’ club activity—and you can take in a little exercise as well.  If you prefer, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a light lunch in the leisure centre café.  More and more leisure centres are adding this feature, which is proving to be a great draw for visitors and locals both. 

Leisure centres can be found in most of the Highland towns and even some villages.  Atlantis Leisure Centre in Oban is cutting edge.  Averon Leisure Centre is a dry sports centre located in Alness, Ross-shire.  Black Isle Leisure Centre in Fortrose has a large games hall for indoor football, basketball, badminton and the like.  They offer many classes including yoga and martial arts.  Dingwall Leisure Centre offers a toddler’s swimming pool as well as their main pool, a flume, a steam room, and a café.  Inverness Leisure Centre has an aqua park with all kinds of extras like flume, fountains, geysers, and waves.  You will also find a health suite, a competition swimming pool, a fitness centre, dance studio, and climbing wall.  You can easily spend the day here—great for those vacation days with inclement weather!  This is just a smattering of the many leisure centres found all around the Scottish Highlands.  Check your local directory or ask at your accommodation whether there is a centre near you.

Experiencing the Scottish Highlands has many dimensions—getting outdoors to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, perhaps hiking, walking, or mountain biking; staying in comfortable and stylish accommodation; enjoying traditional Highland fare; learning ceilidh dances—and spending time in a leisure centre is another worthwhile way to relax and enjoy your surroundings.  You will find Highland hospitality and 21st century amenities to help you keep fit and active during your next Scottish Highlands vacation. 

Leisure centres throughout the Scottish Highlands are a great way to enjoy sport whilst on holiday or staying in the area. Most leisure centres include sports such as: swimming, badminton, squash, and tennis, and may have a sauna and Jacuzzi, and provide massage etc. Most Leisure centres are based in main towns and are not expensive.

Leisure centres in the Scottish Highlands are popular attractions for tourists and locals alike, and many will provide a variety of activities from swimming and racket and ball games through to health spas, gyms and even massage services. Many leisure centres function as the focal points of various communities and they offer things such as group discounts and certain cheap days for those travelling in large parties.

If you need to relax and unwind when on holiday then why not visit one of the many leisure centres dotted around the Scottish Highlands.