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High Ropes

For anyone who has ever said, “Oh, I can’t possibly do that,” a high ropes adventure in the Scottish Highlands will boost your confidence and prove to be a rewarding, exciting day out.  Imagine conquering a challenge, building a team, and learning something new out in the Highland wilderness, breathtaking scenery all around you.  You are sure to have fun and a day to remember when you take on a high ropes course here in the Highlands.

High ropes courses come with a wide variety of settings, skill levels, and challenges.  They generally require a group of three or more people to complete the activities set for you.  It’s all about problem-solving and meeting a challenge head on.  Activities often include things like building a tower while you are standing on top of it, rising as it does; swinging high above the ground on a giant swing; stepping off a platform and flying on a zip line; climbing a pole; climbing a wall; abseiling from a tower, and the like.  The good news is, you will receive expert instruction and be properly kitted out with safety gear, including helmets and harnesses.  Standing on the ground, you may experience a feeling of disbelief, believing that the task set before you is just not possible.  Soon, however, you will find that you have risen to the challenge (possibly literally!) and achieved what you thought was impossible.  Imagine the feeling of confidence! 

With the ever-increasing popularity of high ropes courses and adventures in the Scottish Highlands, many outdoor centres are now offering this exhilarating and rewarding day out.  It is a perfect activity for families, youth groups, schools, hen and stag groups, and corporate team building.  Physical prowess is not required to succeed on a high ropes course.  Teamwork and problem-solving come much more into play.  Craggan Outdoors has a high ropes course with a combination of individual and group activities which include a Jacob’s ladder climb, an Indiana Jones bridge, double balance beams, and a crate stack (remember the tower you are building?).  Adventure Scotland offers a high ropes course and will customize it to meet the needs of your group.  Boots-n-Paddles bill their high ropes course as an adventure playground.  The course lasts about two hours and is located high in the pine tree tops of Rothiemurchus Estate forest near Aviemore.  There are 35 different challenges you can face on this ropes course.  Dunolly Adventure Outdoors centre has a purpose-built high ropes course reaching heights of 50 feet.  It even includes a tree climb, using a combination of wooden blocks and tree branches.  Dunolly is located near Aberfeldy.  The Fairburn Activity and Conference Centre near Marybank is a mere 20 miles northwest of Inverness.  Situated in woodland, it offers activities and accommodation, a conference centre, and package deals.  The high ropes course provides a challenge for individuals and groups to go around an obstacle course within a certain time, without ever touching the ground. 

Experience the awesome outdoors of the Scottish Highlands while learning new skills and surprising yourself with your own ability and aptitude.  A challenge doesn’t have to be death-defying.  Problem-solving, building a team, and conquering individual fears can be some of the most rewarding things a person can do.  Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and stunning settings of high ropes courses all around the Scottish Highlands, and come away with a sense of accomplishment and confidence.  High ropes courses are the perfect combination of exhilarating outdoor activity and sightseeing, getting you out into the spectacular nature and environs of the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.  Check out the many varieties of courses and high ropes adventures today and book your challenge.

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