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Quad Biking

quad_biking_1.jpgHave an adventurous day out and trek through the rugged Scottish Highlands on a quad bike.  Explore the territory, revel in the scenery, and have a fantastic experience tearing around the countryside on a quad bike.  The Scottish Highlands offer a wide range of quad biking experiences from the ramped up and wild to the tame and leisurely.  Get out into the wilderness of the Highlands on a quad bike and have an unforgettable adventure.
Quad bikes are All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) which are designed specifically to handle rugged terrain, steep hills, mud, and water.  They can reach speeds of 50 mph and are the perfect way to experience the beautiful Highland scenery and have a thrilling day out at the same time.  Quad bikes are easy to drive and the many outdoor centres which offer quad biking activities will fully train you before you set off.  Most quad bike adventures are even suitable for youth as young as 12.  Quad biking through the Scottish Highlands is an ideal day out for families, groups, hen and stag parties, corporate events, or youth groups.
You can trek over acres or even miles of varied and interesting terrain, or you can choose to ride a circuit or agility course.  Plan for an adventure either way, and don’t be surprise when you get covered in mud and drenched in water!  Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Scottish Highlands when you ride your quad bike through forests and over hills, up rugged trails and across rivers and burns, and through fields and moors.  There is no end to the possibilities for quad biking here in the Highlands.
Highland Activities based on Ardverikie Estate in Kinloch Laggan provide spectacular quad bike tours all over the 60,000 acre estate.  They offer their standard tour which runs for an hour and a half, or if you are more experienced and looking for a bigger challenge, then go on their half day quad bike experience.  Their trips are suitable for all experience levels and for ages 12 and up.  Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Scottish Quads near Dunkeld is another excellent quad biking centre.  They offer one and two hour treks and advise all comers to remember that they will get muddy, so wear old clothes!  Highland Adventure in Aviemore runs quad bike treks all year round in the magnificent Cairngorm National Park.  Helmets and safety instruction are given, and they recommend that you book in advance.  Highland Offroad in Perthshire is another centre which runs year round quad bike treks.  They offer rides by the hour through some beautiful scenery and have an assault course to test your skills. 
Whether you are an experienced quad biker or brand new, this is the perfect outdoor activity for experiencing the Scottish Highlands.  Have an exhilarating day out and surprise yourself with the adrenalin rush of this easy, fun, and engaging activity.  Adventure and magnificent scenery await you when you book your quad bike outing in the breathtaking and rugged Scottish Highlands today.

If your looking for a fast pace, hands on experience then Quad biking is just for you. Quad bikes, or ATVs, (All Terrain Vehicles) are designed to tackle mud, water and steep dirt trails, capable of reaching 50mph, these mean machines will give you the thrill of your life.

The controls are fairly easy to get to grips with, even for those who haven't ever driven a quad bike before, you will quickly get used to ripping around and having maximum off-road fun with your friends and family!

Whether you choose treks, which cover acres of varied terrain, Circuits which are designed for racing or obstacle courses, be prepared to get mud-coated or utterly drenched when quad biking in the Scottish Highlands.

The wide open spaces and natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands of Scotland certainly lend itself to a perfect place to ride around on a powerfull quad bike. Many people young and old love the adrenaline that this experience has to offer and what a better place to be riding a quad bike, than through some of the most fantastic scenery in the Scottish highlands.
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