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Scottish Highland Pubs

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The Galley Of Lorne Inn
The perfect location for exploring Argyll and Western Isles. Whisk yourself away to our award winning 17th Century Drovers Inn and one of...
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Like all of Britain, a Scottish Highland pub is part of the heart of a Highland community.  Pubs are friendly establishments where people go to relax, talk, and be with friends.  Pubs in the Highlands will offer an extensive range of ales, lagers, and beers as well as whiskies and other spirits.  Often, they pride themselves on their vast collection of single malt and boutique whiskies.  Pubs in the Highlands are frequently involved in the communities they serve, sponsoring charity events and sporting teams as well as organizing functions such as Christmas parties and social gatherings.  Pubs also offer local employment and tend to be right at the hub of a community.  They will generally use locally-sourced foods on their menus, as well.  Scottish Highland pubs are great places to meet and greet, enjoy a quiet drink or gather to watch a major sporting event on the big TV, or relax and have a hearty meal at a reasonable price.
Pub fare is generally simple, wholesome food served up in a generous portion at a reasonable price.  However, many pubs are branching out these days and offering their guests a broader menu with more diverse options.  If you are looking for traditional pub food, however, you are sure to find pubs all over the Scottish Highlands willing and able to oblige.  Menus often consist of such tasty entrees as steak and ale pie, chicken and leek pie, fish and chips, scampi and chips, chicken with haggis, haggis with neeps and tatties (turnips and mashed potatoes), and homemade soups.  Often you can order pizzas, filled baguettes, and paninis as well as a burger or even an all-day breakfast.  Enjoy a hearty meal with your favourite ale, or perhaps a pot of tea or a frothy latte. 
Pub atmosphere is warm and cosy, sometimes themed with traditional Highland tartan, pictures of stags and fish, and country sports or golf.  Many pubs will have much in the way of local history, including old photographs, trophies, and local paintings.  You may find artwork by area artists displayed in a Scottish Highlands pub.  Look for snug rooms and comfortable seating—booths, tables by the fire, and the like.  Pub atmosphere is always casual and friendly, warm and welcoming.  It is another perfect example of Highland hospitality.  Newer pubs may be done in a more contemporary style with leather couches and chairs, lighter woods, and glass.  Whatever the style of décor, the pub will be welcoming and warm, inspiring a relaxing and enjoyable time over good food and good drink.  Pubs are the ideal places for friends to meet up or families to relax together.
When you’re in Fort William, why not try the Grog and Gruel, which is a traditional alehouse and restaurant serving excellent food.  It can be quite busy at times, so if you can’t find a table right away, they will offer you the chance to have a pre-dinner drink in the bar, calling you when your table is ready.  The Castle Tavern in Inverness offers rotating ales on tap and traditional pub fare.  It is located next to the Inverness Castle.  Blackfriars is one of the oldest pubs in Inverness and it serves traditional cask ales as well as fine pub food.  The Bothy Bite in Fort Augustus is located alongside the Caledonian Canal.  It has an extensive range of ales and spirits to accompany its choice of daytime or evening pub menus.  The Gathering Place in Ballachulish is a relaxed local pub which has function rooms for hire and serves home-cooked food with quality drinks.  The Ben Nevis Inn in Claggan serves traditional pub fare with a wide variety of curries, Mexican dishes, and satays thrown in.  The Cawdor Tavern near the Castle is a lovely, traditional inn with cosy seating and a roaring fire.  It serves excellent food and locally-sourced produce in a warm, inviting atmosphere.  The Cawdor Tavern was originally the old castle workshop.  A bit farther north, you can find superb pub food and high teas served at the Lovat Arms in Beauly.  The Eagle in Dornoch offers excellent home-cooked food and a wide range of ales, whiskies, and spirits to enjoy with it. 
The range and variety of pubs in the Scottish Highlands is virtually endless.  Every village and town, no matter how small, will have at least one pub, and most pubs will serve good, hearty meals as well as drinks.  No visit to the Scottish Highlands would be complete without a few stops in the local pub.  For a friendly, inviting atmosphere coupled with great food and drink, a pub can’t be beat.  You will find yourself relaxing and enjoying your meal, the company, and the environment.  Warm and cosy is the order of the day in a Scottish Highlands pub.  What better way to end a long day of hiking, cycling, or touring the Highlands of Scotland than with a great meal and a fine drink served up with a smile and shared with friends in a Scottish Highlands pub!

The Scottish Highlands Pub Is A Warm, Friendly Enjoyable Place to Be With Beautiful, Peaceful, Scenic Surroundings.

beer.jpgThe Highlands pub is at the heart of the community.

Pubs perform a vital role at the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

They provide a welcoming place to drink, eat & talk whether the community they are in is a little village or a busy town. Pubs do a lot more for the local community than offering somewhere to dine, drink & cheer. Each year they raise more than £120 million for charities & good causes most of them more than likely to be local to where they are situated.

They also offer help in many other ways like organising Christmas lunches for the elderly to offering a function room to local clubs & turning disused rooms into a youth club for the local teenagers.

Pubs also provide many jobs in the Scottish Highlands, not just employing bar & kitchen staff but by using the local traders such as painters & decorators, DJs, musicians, gardeners, window cleaners & taxi drivers. On top of all this they use the local suppliers for meats & fish, vegetables, milk & bread.

On average a Scottish Highlands pub will inject approximately at least £64,000 a year into local economy – not including wages, taxes or buying major items of equipment.

Scottish Highlands pubs are places of friendly surroundings, warm fires, good ales and beers and of course, excellent whiskey. Why not call in and enjoy them with friends and family, what better way to unwind after a hard days hiking?

Please follow these links & take a look at the best pubs in the Scottish Highlands & if you are in the village or town why not go in & enjoy your experience in the tranquillity that is the Scottish Highlands.