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Abseiling In The Highlands

Looking for a high adventure low risk sport in the picturesque Scottish Highlands?  Try abseiling.  Thrill to the rugged outdoors and do something adventurous on your next Highland holiday.  Abseiling will give you the chance to enjoy a climbing sport with less risk and exertion than scrambling, gorge walking, climbing, or even hillwalking.  Learn a mountaineering technique and have great fun at the same time.  Imagine rappelling down a steep descent and the reward of facing the challenge successfully.  Scotland’s Highlands are the perfect locale for abseiling as there are much rugged terrain and lots of opportunities for rappelling.

Abseiling is essentially a climbing skill that allows a person to make a steep descent with the help of climbing gear.  The word “abseiling,” comes from the German word “abseilen,” which means “to rope down.”  It is the same thing as rappelling.  Abseiling requires skill and attention to detail, but it is an activity available to pretty much anyone, including beginners.  However, abseiling will definitely get your adrenalin going, and it is a popular activity with hen and stag groups. 

All throughout the Highlands of Scotland you will find activity centres and guides who will provide you with exciting abseiling opportunities.  Boots-n-Paddles, based out of Inverness and Aviemore, will give you a half day abseiling adventure.  Billed as physically easy but mentally challenging, this could be just the sport for you.  Abseiling give you a great sense of achievement, and at Boots-n-Paddles, you can choose from a variety of abseiling venues, so why not go more than once.  The minimum age for this activity with this operator is 8 years old.  Craggan Outdoors near Grantown-on-Spey has great abseiling adventures.  Their experiences are tailor-made whatever your skill level, so you can rest assured that you will have the perfect adventure.  Various skills and techniques are taught on a variety of crags throughout Speyside, including abseiling.  They have an indoor wall, as well, to get you started.  Outside, a 70-foot abseil is available! They also offer bespoke climbing trips throughout the Scottish Highlands.  G2 based in Aviemore offers a wide variety of mountain skills, including climbing and abseiling.  You can learn to go up as well as down, or just choose an abseiling adventure.  Snowgoose Mountain Centre near Fort William provides a wide array of mountain skills courses, from two-day beginners’ courses, including abseiling, all the way to Ben Nevis Mountain Days, mountain safety, and mountain guiding.  If you really enjoy the sport of abseiling and want to learn more, this is the perfect place to hone your skills and try out some new mountaineering and rock climbing techniques.

Abseiling is a very versatile activity.  It is perfect for a half-day’s adventure for individuals and groups, but it is also something you can become involved in on a regular basis as part of rock climbing and mountaineering skills.  Many centres will also organize charity fundraising abseils.  All throughout the Highlands, you can find people abseiling for charity.  Inverness has seen people abseil down the smoke stack of Raigmore Hospital, and even Dunrobin Castle in East Sutherland has had charity abseiling down its towers.  Get involved in abseiling here in the Scottish Highlands if you are looking for a fun, challenging adventure sport with low risk.  A great way to be in the outdoors and be active at the same time, abseiling adventures can be found through most outdoor and adventure centres here in the magnificent Scottish Highlands.  Book your exciting and rewarding abseiling adventure today!