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West Highland Way


The West Highland Way is 152km (95 miles) long. The walk links Milngavie to Fort William - from the outskirts of Scotland’s largest city to the foot of its highest mountain, following the shores of its largest freshwater loch.
It passes from the lowlands, across the Highland Boundary Fault and on into the Scottish Highlands. Much of the Way follows ancient and historic routes of communication, and makes use of:

The drove roads along which highlanders herded their cattle and sheep to market in the lowlands.

Military roads built by troops to help control the Jacobite Clans.

Old coaching roads and disused railway lines from the more recent past.

If you are lucky whilst walking the Way you may also see some of the wildlife of the area. The Feral Goats left behind following the clearances, the magnificent Red Deer and, away over the high tops, soaring Golden Eagles.

Drinking Water

There are many places along the route to obtain drinking water, shops, B & Bs, campsites etc. Therefore you will only need to carry a days supply of drinking water at any one time.

For those camping we realise that there are growing concerns about the quality of river and loch water. The West Highland Way runs through glens for two thirds of its length and for this reason we recommend (or if you are in any doubt then) you should use a purification method such as a filter or iodine tablets.

Anyone worried about Giardia should note that incidences are very rare in this country, but the number is rising. To keep this number down we would ask you to take your rubbish away with you and to think carefully before going to the toilet outdoors

For More Information Click here for www.west-highland-way.co.uk