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ugh Grant Makes Plea for Highlanders’ Museum

Posted on Friday, 26 November 2010 01:39AM by Highland News
Hollywood star Hugh Grant is at Fort George today, making an appeal for money to renovate the Highlanders’ Museum.  An estimated £3 million is needed to bring the museum back up to snuff.  The Highlanders’ Museum currently houses one of Britain’s largest armed forces collections.  The museum is a tribute to the Highlanders, who are descended from four famous Scottish regiments originally associated with Highland clans and communities in the late 1700s.  Today, the Highlanders’ Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland is made up of the Seaforth Highlanders, the Gordon Highlanders, the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, and the Queen’s Own Highlanders. 

Hugh Grant is the ideal person to launch this campaign.  His own grandfather, Major James Murray Grant, served in the Seaforth Highlanders during World War II.  He received the Distinguished Service Order for bravery and leadership at Dunkirk.  Grant’s father, Captain James Murray Grant, also served in the Seaforth Highlanders. 

Due to changes in the economic climate, not much progress has been made on the refurbishment of the museum.  Although it has been approved to move forward, the money hasn’t been there to do more than initial design work.  Plans include better display cabinets, refurbished rooms, study facilities, and an improved air and lighting system.  Please visit  http://www.thehighlandersmuseum.com/highland-heritage-appeal.html to find out more about the museum and the refurbishment appeal.